Colorado Gold Rush, Inc.

The best Way to Cash in your Gold Jewelry!
As the host of one of our Gold parties, you will receive 10% of what is paid out to your guests at your party.  If anyone schedules their own event from your party, you will receive a referral gift based on their gold party sales (approximately 5%).  Here is a sample invitation that we would provide you:

You’re Invited to a

Gold Exchange Party

Trade in your gold jewelry for $$

Day, Date,Time

Hosted by: You


RSVP: phone  or email

Bring any unwanted or broken yellow or white gold and

take home $ ~ Highest payout guaranteed!

Do you still have that gold necklace or ring that an old boyfriend bought you back in the day?  If so, bring it and get cash!!!  Bring anything that you do not wear or want: broken jewelry, twisted necklaces, unmatched earrings, bracelets, rings,’s jewelry too (10k-24k yellow & white gold).  My gold buyer will look at the jewelry, test the gold for purity, weigh the gold and then price it.  When you accept the price, she gives you a check right on the spot!  Gold is at its highest value in years - why keep it in an old jewelry box when you can sell it and

buy something you need right now! 

If you can’t make it to the party, you can drop off your gold anytime beforehand and we will call you with the dollar amount.  You don’t have to accept the price, there is no obligation.

$703 was paid for the gold in this photo

Questions?  Call (720) 272-6390